BB&T Bank Personal Loans Application, Reviews and Benefits

Getting a BB& T bank personal loan is normal today. As the burden of day to day expenses rises most people look for a loan to cover larger expenses like college fee or sudden hospital bills. To get personal loans one of the most requested bank is BB&T.

BB&T bank Personal Loan advantages

BB&T has many loaning deals but their personal loan deal is widely famous. They are fast in processing request. Also their loans do not require any collateral. Their payment duration and procedure is flexible. You can apply for fixed or adjustable personal loans.

If you need a loan urgently yet with low interest rates then BB&T bank is the best option.

Requirements for BB&T personal loan

  • One of the obvious requirements is a good credit. Like any other bank, BB&T requires credit history of the borrower. So if you have a bad credit then getting loan applications approved would be difficult and time consuming.
  • The other major factor that is noticed is monthly income. If you have a stable monthly income than it is well and good, for frequent job changer have to explain that reason.
  • You will also need to show your financial report of past few months.
  • If you have any kind of debt than your debt handling ways will also be kept in to account. The way you manage your financial situation is something the lender will pay attention to among other factors.

How to apply for personal loan

Firstly you have to visit your local branch of BB&T bank. to locate your local branch visit:

  • Bring necessary documents like ID and financial report of last few months. They may require some additional documents depending on individual’s situation.
  • An employee at the branch will help you with the application. Attach required documents.
  • Submit the application and the bank will process it.
  • If approved your payment will be transferred in your account.

Online banking

You can apply for loan by visiting the local branch but you can make your personal loan payments online. For online banking you must have an account in but bank.

To enroll the online banking click on the link:

  • On the center of the page you will see an orange “enroll now” button. Select personal client for personal loans.
  • Fill your relevant information and you can also benefit from bat’s online banking services.

BB&T Mobile banking

  • BB&T also offers services of mobile banking. You must have an account in BB&T bank to avail these services
  • You can pay your personal loan payments through mobile application as well.
  • To download mobile application for I-phone and android visit:

Personal loan calculator


  • For further information you can contact customer services of BB&T bank.
  • Customer services:  00 1 910-914-8250
  • Or you can get information in person by visiting your local BB&T branch.


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