Best Online Loan Companies of 2016 – With Comparison & Tips

The 21st century is the age of gadgets. Almost everything can be done through your cell or laptop. Check out the available options for best online loan companies of 2016 with comparison and tips for selecting the suitable options for your needs.

You can pay your bills from home through the internet. You can call people across the globe through online calling. Now you can even get loans online. If you want to get a loan online then here are some tips to choose a good and trusted company.

What to Look For In Online Companies

Firstly and most importantly, check the company license. To legally provide loans to the public the company should be licensed. When you look for a new company then be sure to check its license first. Get all the required details. When you have a company in mind then ask them to clear out your any and every quire. So there are no hidden catches. Companies that are legit and trustworthy reply fast and try their best to clear your queries.

Visit the local location. To do a fast and confirm check of the company you are dealing with visiting the local office. You should look for a real address on the company official site. Make sure that the address is legit. Visiting the office in person is the most efficient way to check an online company.

Check the customer service. The best online companies offer quality customer service to get the upper hand on market competitors. They offer you the best loans deals and try hard to offer you terms that fit your income and requirements best.

Check reviews. Ask for opinions from people you know who are old customers. If you don’t know anyone then look for online reviews. Check the ratings and reviews. This is also helpful in deciding a company.
Prefer the companies that are referred on well-known social platforms.

What to Look Out For
  • If the company is hesitant to show you their license or making delays than look for some other company.
  • Late replies to your queries. If the company is taking too long to get back at you then they probably are not that delicate to their customers.
  • The company doesn’t give clear answers about your worries. If the employee you’re dealing with gives an unclear or doubtful answer to avoid your questions then move on.

Best Online Loan Companies

Here are some companies that are legit and popular. If you are new and don’t have anywhere to start from then you can look through this list first.

  1. Lending tree
  2. Prosper
  3. Avant
  4. Lending club
  5. Springleaf
  6. Loan depot
  7. Sofi
  8. Upstart
  9. Earnest
  10. Best egg

There are many banks that offer online loans as well. Since these banks are well-known and legit then you can apply for loans through them as well.

  • Kabbage Small Business Loans
  • Avant Personal Loans
  • Lending Club Small Business Loans
  • Plaza Home Mortgage
  • Franklin American Mortgage
  • Embrace Home Loans

Online loan companies are best when you require urgent loans. The application process is fast and simple. They don’t require much documentations and time. The process is straightforward and handy.

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