Business Loans without Personal Guarantee

Business Loan

To fund expansions and pay for startup expenses, it requires an adequate amount of capital to be invested in a good business. Besides this, sometimes a well-established business can experience a challenge due to the difference in the timings of cash inflows and outflows.

To cater all these problems, different business loan programs on both short and long term basis are available. Different companies have different terms and conditions while the company is obliged to repay the loan. A business loan can be used by a company either to pay the salaries or pay for projects and inventory.


Getting a loan from a very traditional way of banking is too main stream. According to Karin Price, business loans are going to be very challenging for companies because due to economic downfall, banks will increase the interest rate, so financial assistance for business will be a bit difficult.

Home equity loan can be the very good replacement. If business persons are somehow homeowners as well, then they can go for home equity loans. It would be more feasible for their business or a company.

Significance of Business Loans without Personal Guarantee

  • Getting a business loan for the company can be useful in too many ways.
  • For any type of business, business loan can be availed.
  • On most of the purchases, it offers cash back.
  • Travel benefits can be enjoyed provided either by hotels or airlines.
  • If you are having a good history and a stable business, you are good enough to secure a loan.
  • Before issuing a loan, bank evaluates the company by seeing its debt history.
  • For short term financing needs, high interest rate business loans are generally available.

Getting a Business Credit Card with No Guarantee

For any of the loan, collateral or some guarantee is always favorable as the lender is satisfied. For small and medium size businesses, lenders need some surety of the business before giving it a loan. Lending company like bank needs guarantee that whatever money it is investing as a loan would be safe.

For this purpose term personal guarantee has been introduced. Actually, personal guarantee makes sure that you and your business are closely connected to each other. Getting a loan without personal guarantee is really very difficult. For this purpose, one needs to provide surety to the bank that your business will repay the amount. There are two possible ways to get a business loan without personal guarantee as discussed below:

Your personal credit card score should be good or very close to perfect. Lender will see at your credit history and score at first. Perfect rating of the card can give you a strong push in successful loan application.

Second way is about the size of business. If you are having some small business based on partnership, you are not going to get a loan without guarantee. You must show that your startup is a very serious step and if it is like a LL company, there is a good chance of getting a business loan without any personal guarantee.

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