Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers in California

If you are living in California and you are looking for car insurance than here are some tips and companies that can help you. Learn how to select the cheap car insurance for new drivers in California, the tips available to qualify and enjoy the cheap monthly rates.

Getting a car insurance is a very confusing decision. There are a number of car insurances in California with different rates and packages. But being a new driver you might face some difficulties in getting a cheap car insurance. A new driver is logically more prone to accidents. That why most companies offer expensive insurance to new drivers. But there are some ways you can get cheap car insurance in California.

Factors Effecting Insurance Rate

The insurance depends on age, gender, state, neighborhood and driving record. These factors decide the package you will receive from your insurance broker.

Also your credit history. The better the credit history the more discount you receive regardless of driving experience. It is a noted factor that people with good credit history drive more carefully than people with bad credit. Hence they require the insurance less often.

Cheap Car Insurance in California – Companies

There a number of insurance companies that are good for young and new drivers.

  1. GEICO
  2. Allstate
  3. USAA
  4. AAA
  5. State farm
  6. Metro mile
Insurance Rates

These car insurances rates are almost the same as other insurances. The rates are around $130 to $166 per month. The rates are between this ranges of the above-mentioned companies. This average rate is within the range of other companies of other states.


If you do not get a good rate from your insurance broker then you can reduce your overall rate with discounts. Like you can get different discounts regardless of your age or experience. If you are a new driver and you are under 25 years of age then you can get a number of discounts. Like if you are a student then you can get a student discount. If you are a safe driver then you can get a safe driver discount. By getting few discounts you can decrease your overall insurance bill.

There is a number of discounts you can ask for.

  • Student discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Low mileage discount
  • Green vehicle
  • Multi insurance

What Services You Receive

By checking out the rates you may question that is getting a car insurance is even worth it? Well on the road you do not know what can happen. The future is unpredictable. Getting a car insurance can help you in difficult times.
Car insurance covers a lot of your expenses like

  1. Collision cost
  2. Theft cost
  3. Medical coverages etc.

With the help of other factors, you can get a good overall rate for your car insurance. The rate you get immediately doesn’t matter but the final price you get at the end is what matters. If you don’t find good rates at one company then don’t get disappointed because the car insurance rates vary with different companies. You have to try a couple of companies to find the one you are comfortable with.

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