Citibank Personal Loans 2016 – Application Online Steps

It is not always good to borrow money but if you are in urgent need and you can’t find anyone in your family or friends than you should get a personal loan. One of the safest and well known ways to get a personal loan is from Citibank. Citibank is one of the best financial institutes to get a personal loan.

Citibank is one of the oldest and biggest banks of united stated. It has the best customer services and personal loan policies. Citibank’s personal loans are considered best because of their low interest and fast application process. The documents required for these loans are minimum. Also you can borrow up to $50000 through unsecured personal loans.

Requirements of Citibank personal loan

To get a citi bank personal loan you first need to affiliate with the Citibank any way possible like having a deposit account or personal account. You need to have deposited an average of at least $500 in 3 months.

  • You must have an annual income of $10,500 and a personal loan account that is active for more than 6 months.
  • If these requirements are full filled than getting a loan is easy. You can get a personal loan up to $50000.

How to apply for Citibank personal loan

  • First go to the nearest branch with necessary documents like ID (passport and drivers silence if any), bank statement of last six months and financial details.
  • These you will be provided with an application.
  • Fill it and attach the required documents.
  • Submit the applications and your loan will be processed.
  • Once approved you will get the money in your account within five working days.

Online applying procedure

  • To apply online you must have a citi bank account. Then you need to create an online account.
  • To register for online account visit:
  • After registration online you can apply for online loan. But remember if you are applying for a loan above $30000 then you have to visit the Citibank branch any less and you can apply online.

Online registration procedure

  • to register for online Citibank visit:
  • There above the sign in option you will see a white colored register button.
  • Click on the button and the registration process will appear.
  • Fill in the asked information.
  • Click on continue.
  • Repeat the process and finally you will see a finish button instead of continue.
  • Click on it and you will be registered for online citi banking.

Advantages of Citibank personal loans

Citibank loans are fast and safe. You can get your loan approves within five working days. You can borrow a huge amount with reasonable payment conditions.

Loan calculator

You can calculate you loan and payment duration yourself before applying for the loan through Citibank’s payment calculator:

Contact information

If you have any more queries than you can contact Citibank customer service through phone or you can visit the nearest branch.To locate the nearest branch.

Citibank Phone number: 00 1 210-677-0065




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