Kabbage Small Business Loan Review

If you want to urgent cash to buy new equipment for your business or to re-equip your inventory or any other purpose than kabbage small business personal loans are your answer. Kabbage business loans are not limited by your credit history. Even with bad credit you can apply. But there are some conditions that are checked instead of credit history in approval of the loan.

Kabbage was established in 2009. It is an American financial organization. Kabbage excels in financing small business loans and commercial loans. Their loan packages are easy and require hardly any documentation. The whole process is online and doesn’t require any credit information.

The best part in kabbage small business loan is that your credit history is not an issue.

Requirements for Kabbage Small Business Loans

You don’t require any guarantee or cosigner for these loans. All you need to apply for kabbage small business loans is to meet the follow conditions.

  • Your business has to be established for almost 1 year.
  • You must have a PayPal or business account.
  • Your annual profit should be at least $50,000.

How to Apply For Kabbage Business Loans

The application process of kabbage business loans is online. There is almost no documentation required. There is no credit check needed as well. All you do is connect your kabbage account to your PayPal or business account.

To apply you just need to provide your e-commerce, accounting and banking information. Your loan will be decided on the provided data. Your credit history makes no difference.

Once your application is filled your application will be forwarded for processing. The processing time is short usually within 10 minutes.

Pros of Kabbage Small Business Loans

Kabbage small business loans are fast and require very little documents. So if you require urgent loans for your business than kabbage loans are perfect for you.

Kabbage business loans are perfect for business that has poor or bad credit. These loans do not require any credit check. For kabbage business loans your other factors like banking and accounting information are weighed more.

The information required for loan approval is taken from linked accounts. Like your bank account and business history. These factors decide that of you are worth the risk or not.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Loan Approval

  • Since the loan requirements are checked through all nontraditional means it is better to link more accounts.
  • Your business activity of your linked accounts is noted and checked.
  • If you are an active business user on social network.

How to Apply Online For Kabbage Business Loans

  • To apply online you visit the following link
  • https://app.kabbage.com/Account/SignUp
  • Enter the required information and you information will be forwarded for reviewing.
  • Once reviewed you will be asked to fill in an online application.
  • Fill in the application online.
  • If approved your loan will be transferred your business account.


  • For further information you can contact kabbage banks customer service
  • Customer service 888-986-8263

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