Lending Tree Personal Loans – Apply Online After Reviewing Rates, Benefits

If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation where you require a lump of money than you should definitely check out lending tree personal loans. The lending tree is one of the top online lending companies today. They deal with every customer with care and attention. This is one of the reasons Lending Tree personal loans are becoming popular these days.

Lending tree offers a higher limit on its loans as compared to many other lenders in the market. The interest rate is competitive as well. You can use lending tree personal loans to pay medical expenses, college fees or even to improve your credit.

How to Apply For Lending Tree Personal Loans

The process is simple and fast. You just need to register yourself on the official lending tree website. You can start your registration process by clicking on the link.

  1. Next, you need to apply for personal loans. An online application will be asked to be filled.
  2. You will have to provide your personal and financial information. Once completed you submit the application to start the process.
  3. You receive a response within few minutes and you are asked to finalize the documentation.
  4. Lastly, you e-sign your contract and you loan in transferred to your account within 24 hours maximum.

Lending Tree Personal Loan Rates and Limits

Lending tree offers a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $35,000 through personal unsecured loans. This is higher limit than most banks. The interest rate is relatively low as well. The average interest rate is 5.99%. But this rate varies with individual conditions.

Unsecured loans are fast. There is no collateral required so the documentation is minimum. But since there are no guarantee that the loan will be returned the interest rate is higher and potential borrowers credit history is carefully checked.

People with good credit history get low-interest rates and higher rates. Whereas people with bad credit get higher interest rates.

Benefits of Lending Tree Personal Loans
  1. Lending tree offers personal unsecured loans so you get flexible payment terms. You can pay your loan early without any penalty. Also, the interest rate is fixed so you possess all the details about your loan payments.
  2. Lending tree offers APR as low as 5.32%.
  3. You have access to your loan within 24 hours. There is no extra time required so you get access to your funds quickly.
  4. You can get a loan even with bad credit. The conditions, however, differ for each individual. Other factors like your monthly income and job status effect you loan terms as well.
Loan Calculator

Like most banks’ lending tree offers you access to online loan calculator. You can calculate your loan and monthly payments through the online loan calculator. Visit this Online calculator

Contact Information

For further details or questions, you can contact lending tree customer care or you can send an email. An employee will reply to your mail as soon as possible.

Customer Care 800-813-4620

To send an email click on the link

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