Suntrust Student Loans

Suntrust Student Loans: College dues are one of the most expensive dues.  Sometimes you require external help to pay those dues. Student loans are very common these days. That’s why most banks offer student loans on easy terms. One of the most trusted banks for student loans is SunTrust bank. SunTrust bank offers easy and fast student loans.

SunTrust private student loans are comparatively lower than other organizations but they are still are enough to pay off your expenses. They can also be the perfect with addition to federal loans

Suntrust Student Loans Consolidation

Almost all the banks offer loan consolidation but SunTrust does not. Consolidation means that you combine multiple loans like federal and private loan and deposit the money in to a single account.

As SunTrust does not offer consolidation the overall loans are lower. The lower the payment the lower interest rates you get. Also the payment conditions become flexible.

How to Apply For Suntrust Student Loan

SunTrust application process is simple and easy. Any student graduate or undergraduate can apply for SunTrust loan online. The application is available on SunTrust official site. Or visit the link

Once you fill in the application you get your loan transferred in to your account within 5 business days.

Advantages of Suntrust Student Loans

  • SunTrust loans have lower interest rates. You can have any type of interest like variable rate or fixed rate.
  • You get a 0.75% reduction in the APR in the application.
  • If you apply for the loan in the end of July you can get a considerable amount of discount.
  • If you graduate your get a 1% discount on the APR.
  • If you get set your payments for automatic payments than you can get 0.5% off the APR?

Loans for Bad Credit

SunTrust offers student loans for students with bad credit. To apply for SunTrust student loans with bad credit you need a cosigner. If you have a cosigner than you can get a student loan with bad credit.

Cosigner is financial term  and can explained in simple words that people ensure the guarantee  in-cases you won’t be able to pay the loan they will pay it in your place. If you make 48 payments consecutively than you can drop your cosigner and be the independent payer of the loan.

 Student Loan Terms

  • The payment terms of SunTrust student loans vary.
  • You can pay in the minimum duration of 7 years.
  • You can pay it in a maximum duration of 15 years.
  • You can choose a duration that fits your earnings.

Extra Services

  • With Suntrust cost calculator you can calculate your monthly cost and spending.
  • That way you avoid spending too much money.
  • By looking for other scholar ships you can earn extra money.
  • By getting other sources of income you can become a solvent student.


For further information you can contact the SunTrust customer and service or you can visit the local branch.


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