TD Bank Personal Loan Application Online – Credit Rating

TD bank is one of the top 15 banks of United States. It has excellent customer service and affordable packages. TD bank has been serving their customers for 150 years. It is an international bank with over 1300 braches worldwide. TD bank also offers personal loans.

TD bank offers three types of personal loans

  • Personal secured loan
  • Personal unsecured loan
  • Personal unsecured line of credit

Requirements for TD bank personal loans

For unsecured personal loans you need a good credit history. Credit history is a major factor in getting unsecured loans. Also you monthly income is noted. You need to have a stable monthly income.

For secured loans you credit history is not an issue. You just need to put up an asset as collateral. This means that of you fail to pay your loan the owner ship of that asset goes to the bank.

Personal secured loans

Personal secured loans require an asset to be put up as collateral. The asset could be property, jewelry or recent home. These loans take longer to get approved and require more documents. The asset you put up as collateral should be of equal or greater value than your applied loan.

You can get higher amount of loan with longer payment duration through secured loans. Also the interest rates on these loans are lower compared to unsecured loans. If you fail to pay for your loan than the bank get the ownership of the asset put up as collateral.

Personal unsecured loans

Unlike secured loans you don’t have to put up an asset as collateral in unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are given on the base of your credit history.

If you have a good credit history and stable monthly income than you can get an unsecured loan quickly. But if you have a bad credit than your application can take longer to process and there is a chance that you loan may not get approved.

Unsecured loans are quicker than secured loans but they have a higher interest rate. The payment duration is shorter as well. Unsecured loans are taken when you need a huge amount of money in short amount of time like payment of college fee or urgent hospital bills.

 Personal unsecured line of credit

If you get a personal unsecured line of credit then you can get your money anytime you want. Whether it’s a small or large amount you can get it in a moment. It also has a suitable payment program that extends up to 10 years.

TD bank offers a minimum amount of $2000 and maximum of $50000. Like unsecured loans the interest rate is higher. Also you need an extremely good credit history to get it approved.

Loan calculator

You can calculate your loan and monthly payments from home by using the TD banks loan calculator


If you require any more information than you can contact customer service any time any day or visit in person your nearest branch


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