American Express Gold Card Review

What are American express charge cards? Charge cards are almost like credit cards but on any purchase you do with the use of charge cards the money is paid by the card issuer. The money is to be paid back by the time of dew date that is usually on next month.

Requirements of Amex Gold Cards

The requirements are quite simple you need clear and good credit history and stable monthly income.

How does American Express Gold Card Works

It is quite simple. You use the gold card on any type of purchase like groceries, shopping or airline tickets bought directly from the airline. On every purchase you get points. You later then can use these points for travel expenses, hotel reservations or shopping discounts.

Points per Purchase

  • 2 points on $1 for booking airline tickets directly from the airline
  • 2 points on $1 for dining at U.S restaurants.
  • 1 point on $1 other purchases.

America Express Gold Card Perks

  • On the new American express gold card you receive 25000 points on purchase of $2000 in first 3 months.
  • You get $100 free credit for airlines. A 75$ credit for hotel reservations and your hotel room is upgraded.
  • On items you purchased with warranty up to 5 years or less, gold card increases it by 1 year.
  • Also if you want to return something that you purchased but the store won’t take it back.
  • With gold card you have a 90 days return policy on products that are still in good condition.
  • Gold card has no interest rates on it since it is charge card. You only pay back what you spent nothing more.


American express gold card provides you money anywhere anytime. This amount of money should be returned on the next month. But if you fail to make payment on time then you get a late payment fine. This fine is usually comes as a heavy fee. So people with bad credit cannot afford this card.

Annual fee

On purchase of Amex gold card you get $0 the first year. The second year your annual fee starts from $197. If your payments are late then late payment fine is added to your annual fee.

Online banking

  • You can create an account or activate you charge card online. Just visit the following link
  • Just click on the “create new online account” option highlighted in blue color below the sign in boxes.


If you have more questions or you want to apply for American express gold card then you can call on customer and service or visit your nearest branch of American express for details.

  • Customer service 1-800-528-2122
  • Locate your local branch
  • Headquarters: 4315 South 2700 West Salt Lake City 84184


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