Banana Republic credit card review – Banana Republic® Rewards

Banana Republic is the clothing and other accessories retailer in the America. It is owned by the well-known multinational Company GAP Inc. It is the quite big company and has the total 642 branches in the various states. It has the most luxurious cloths and unique and well-designed accessories.

Banana republic credit card

Banana Republic is now offering the Banana Republic credit card for its customers. There will be the complete description about the Banana republic Credit card, its review and types, benefits and also process to apply below on this page. The customers will be given the special discount offers while using this credit card. The Banana republic credit card is categorized into the two parts.

Types of the banana republic credit cards

One of them is known as the Banana card and the second one is as Visa Card. It is the choice of the customers that which card they want to purchase? Both of these cards have the many benefits as well as few drawbacks.

The Banana card can only be used within the stores of the GAP Inc. On the other hand, the visa card can be used anywhere. It is the one major difference between these two banana republic credit cards.

Rewards of banana republic Credit card

The rewards of the banana republic cards are given below:
The customer will get 5 points on purchase of the 1 dollar at all the GAP stores.
There will be 1 point when you spent one dollar via visa card anywhere.
After collecting 200 points, you will be given a reward of 10 dollars.
When you are making your first purchase, you will be given the 15% discount offer.

How to apply for the banana republic Credit card

The method to apply for the credit card offered by the Banana republic is very simple and can be completed online. All you require is the electronic device with the internet access.

The customers of the GAP who want to purchase the banana republic credit card has to visit the website of the Banana Republic. Then get the form from the website to apply for the credit card. Fill out that application form and submit it online.

The borrowers have to write their name, address, phone number, city, email address, total monthly income and also simple other personal information when applying for the Banana Republic Credit Card. Once you have completed the form, and then click on the option of Submit Now at the bottom of the form.

Benefits of the Banana republic credit card

You can use this credit card to make the purchases online. On the purchase of about 200 Dollars, the customers will be given the reward of 10 dollars to use this in purchasing. If you frequently make purchases on the GAP stores, then you can get the Luxe card by the banana republic. Using this card will be more beneficial as compared to the other banana republic Credit cards.

The reviews of the customers of the GAP using the banana credit cards have been gathered. The majority of them are thankful to the Banana Republic for providing these credit cards and happy as well as satisfied.


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