Bank of America address and phone number

Bank of America(BOF) was founded by Amadeo Giannini in 1998. It is now the second largest bank of United States of America. Bank of American is a multinational company and financial services corporation.

In 2010 bank of America was listed as the third largest company in the world by is also listed as the 21st company biggest company in revenue in 2013.

Bank of America is famous for its detailed and delicate customer service. The employees of bank of America help their 57 million customers with the best of their skills to provide suitable programs and best financial deals. Their investing and lending packages help millions of investors and clients to reach their goals and fulfil their dreams

Bank of America network

Bank of America owns over 5100 branches throughout America. It has over 220 foreign branches. Its branches are spread to over 32 states. Its offers access to over 18000 atm’s to its customers. It has employed 210,516 employees and this number is still increasing.

Services offered by bank of America

Bank of America offers CD’s, credit cards, cheese books etc. It offers variety of accounts such as savings, checking, joint, personal savings etc. Bank of America also offers loans, budgets, savings and retirement plans as also offer online and mobile banking options.

How to open an account in bank of America

  • Any type of account can be opened in bank of America by visiting the nearest branch, online or through phone
  • To open an account in bank of America you need a minimum amount o 25$
  • Any employee of the bank deals with customers directly and gives them the necessary forms.
  • Fill in the information asked in the forms
  • Submit the form your account will be created in few days

Online checking of account

Bank of America also offers ease for their customers through online banking and bank of America app for android and I-phones.

Customers can monitor their account activity, transfer funds, check balance etc. through online means

To create online account:

Android download:

How to create Bank of America (BOF) an online account

  • To create an online account you must have any type of account in Bank of America account.
  • Then click on the link:
  • Click on the blue button in the middle of the screen saying “enroll in online banking”.
  • A new screen will appear asking for your personal information. Provide that information and click continue.
  • On the new screen it will ask for account information to set up your online account.
  • After filling in the required information click on continue.
  • You need to set-up some security to protect your account.
  • Continue to the last panel and give finishing touches. Fill the information.
  • Click on finish to create your online account.

Bank of America Address and Phone Number Contact information

  • Phone number: 1.800.933.6262
  • Main branch: Bank of America Corporate Center, 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28255
  • To locate nearest branch :
  • Other means of communication :

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