Capital One Platinum Credit Card

How to Apply Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Platinum credit card is offering by the Capital One to its customers. It is the best option for those who have the fair or even a little low credit score. If you have the average score, then Capital One Platinum Credit card can be used by you to improve your credit. It is the basically regular credit card type (Unsecured Credit Car).

The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is present in the list of the top 3 credit cards available for the borrowers having the fair credit score. There are the many advantages of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card. These advantages include different insurance policies, easily balance transfer and also low APR.

Can you Qualify for the Loan

There is certain restriction when qualifying for the Capital One Platinum Credit Card. If you want to apply for it, then you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be above the age of 18 years.
  • You must be any credit card holder for the 2 to 3 years.
  • If you are the immigrant or don’t have the credit card in US, then you`re also eligible to apply for the credit card.
  • To qualify for the credit card, you require the legal Social Security Number.

Benefits of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card

It offers the large number of benefits to its customers. These benefits are helpful for the borrowers to apply for the Capital One Platinum credit card. The major key benefits are given below:

The borrowers can also manage their account online through banking option.

The borrower will get the access to their account using the app of bank on their mobile phones. The card holders just have to install the bank app. After installing, they can manage their account easily without any cost.

The borrower will get the alert on the message or email when the purchase is made or money is spent using the credit card. So, on the spent of every dollar, the customer will get the whole description about that purchase.

In the case stolen of the credit card, then the card holder will not be any more responsible for the transaction made by that card. If you have stolen or lost your credit card, then you will not be responsible in the use of that credit card.

If the applicants pay the payment at time for the period of first five months, then the credit limit will increase.

Fee Structures of the Credit Cards

It has the variable APR of about 24.9% that can be adjusted. The APR will increase little bit at the time of last year years. The transaction fee is just 3%. There is the no such foreign transaction fee. The annual fee is about 39% per year.


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