What is Chase Bank Routing Number

A routing number is a 9 digit code which is provided in order to locate the financial institution where your account was opened. It is the identification of a bank proving that it has the ability to maintain Federal Reserve account as being a federal or state institution. It is different from the account number which is usually 10 to 12 digits. Moveover, it is used to identify your personal account. Some banks provide multiple routing numbers depending upon the purpose like different geographical regions and branches within the same region.

Many banks publish their routing numbers on their websites. You need to login to online banking to find the correct routing number of the bank you require. A routing number is essential to start a transaction or a direct deposit. One cannot make wire-transfer, transactions, purchase, or any payment without a correct routing number. Chase Bank is a national bank established for consumer and commercial banking secondary to multinational banking corporation JP Morgan.

Like every other bank Chase bank also provides its customers a routing number for a successful transaction without any hindrance. Chase bank routing number differs state by state even branch by branch. As Chase provides 51,000 branches and 16, 1000 ATM’s nationwide operating in more than 100 countries. If you opened your account in Texas branch you cannot make any type of transaction from California branch. So a correct routing number of specific branch or state is required. Some banks have their routing numbers different for different transactions type. But, Chase has assigned same routing number for different types of transaction. Making it easier to find the assigned routing numbers.

How To Get Chase Bank Routing Number

Despite several ways for finding JP Morgan Chase Bank routing number. There is the easiest way to find routing number and that is to locate a 9 digit code on a voided check. Chase Bank routing number is usually printed on the bottom left of your check provided two other codes. The number next to routing number is your account number specific to your personal account information. Then the next is a serial number of the check. As there is a high varying degree in the routing numbers branch by branch so you must have an exact routing number for your transactions and online payments either from one state to other or internationally.

You can also find your routing number from the website provided by Chase Bank as Chase.com account. For this, you need to login to the account as online banking. Simply by locating your state you can find the details of the branch and the specific routing number allotted to that branch of the particular state.

As Chase Bank cares about its customers and different customers prefer different plans to follow, some prefer email or some even live calls, in order to fulfill Chase Bank provides a Customer Service contact number as 1-800-935-9935 where you can call and get your routing number immediately in case if you are out of the internet.


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