Citi Simplicity Credit Card Review

It is necessary to have the credit card to live normally in today`s world. However, the credit cards are not invented now; these were launched many years ago. But these are common now in the population of the world. The majority of the people have the credit cards of the different corporations or banks. Credit cards have the unlimited benefits for the card holders. It saves the time of the customers. Many people wanted to know about the Citi Simplicity Credit card review. We have given you the all information about the Citi Simplicity Credit Card as follows.

Key benefits of the Citi Simplicity Credit Cards

There are the many benefits of the Citi Simplicity Credit Card. The customers generally ask about the introductory APR, effect of late payment on the APR and annual fee of the Citi Simplicity of the Credit Card.

The initial APR will be zero, so that the card holders do not need to pay any fee in first 21 months on their purchases. But the penalty of paying after the deadline will be charged. These are the one of the major key benefits of Citi Simplicity Credit Card for which the large number of customers have this credit card.


  • The main advantages of having the Citi Simplicity Credit card are as follows:
  • There are 0% APR for the introductory term. After that, It fees range from 12.99%% to 22.99%.
  • The Citi Simplicity Credit card provides the perfect and high standard customer support service.
  • There is also no such punishment for the late payment.
  • The APR will be zero for the term of the first 21 months.
  • But the customers have to pay little penalty fee as it is also necessary in the other credit cards.


If you want to apply for the credit card, then you must know the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this credit card. There are the comparatively less disadvantages of the Citi Simplicity Credit card. There is the 3% foreign transaction fee that is not suitable. The APR fee after the introductory term is also a little higher.

Conclusion & Reviews:

The review of the Citi Simplicity Credit Card of the mostly credit card holders is quite good. They are well pleased with the services of this credit card. But some credit card holders have the issue due to the disadvantages that are given above. You can apply online and get the Citi Simplicity Credit Card easily. You can visit the website of the Citi Group to get more information


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