Flagship Merchant Services Review

With comprehensive track record and stable roots, flagship merchant services is found to be very helpful for companies based in U.S which operates in the range of $2500 to $75,000 per month. With no application and termination fees, this longtime supporter offers a lot more services including stability, customer service, technology, capabilities, and compatibility.

A long term contract is not required by flagship merchant services. Both interchange and tiered rates are being offered by this merchant services company. Its consistency and transparency help customers to develop a genuine trust. With multiple options of pricing, the flagship is the leading organization among competitors.

Pros Of Flagship Merchant

For various business genres, credit card processing opportunity is being offered by this company to provide mainstream services. This gateway service is responsible for a month to month services with a variety of pricing options. iPayment is considered to be one of the largest service providing in the world. Flagship basically resells accounts from iPayment.

Flagship has been presented in a way that almost every business company of any size can take a benefit. There are so many pricing options for business owners. Starting from local companies to larger brands like Subway. Month to month plan actually keeps you safe from long term contract. In terms of services and setup speed, the flagship is an exceptional gateway. Moreover, in case if someone wishes to move to another service company, he can cancel the plan with flagship for sure and there is no cancellation fee either.

In one case, an individual will be asked to sign a 12-month contract when he opts to receive free equipment from the flagship. After that, month to month plan will be followed. After the successful completion of an application by the flagship, the account will be setup in just one day. Funds will be deposited into your account within just two business days. As soon as someone signup a contract with the flagship, a representative will be allocated and it will help you out in quick response to emails etc.

Flagship Services And Products

On the basis of effectiveness and working, the flagship is offering quite valuable and worthy services.

  1. Gateway service is quite helpful as it helps users to save money. If someone wants to save $100 in multiple cases, gateway service does not require any setup fee and it is accessible through a mobile app as well.
  2. If you are having a merchant account, merchant service is not directly related to flagship rather transactions are made through related companies like iPayment.
  3. Different flagship services have different terminals. To access these services, search for different terminals from the website.
  4. The online cart can be set up for shopping. This does not only save the time but rates are also not challengeable.

Flagship Rates

One can negotiate the deal because of no standard fees. Minimum of $25 is to be paid every month. Besides this, for autorize.net gateway, $7.95 are payable. If someone has not completed the PCI assignment, he is supposed to pay $19.95 per month. The company uses to avoid any hidden fee and junk charges.


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