PNC Bank Personal Loans

Pittsburg National Corporation is one of the most demanded and popular banking organization. PNC has an excellent customer service. They deal with each client with care and attention. PNC offers personal loans for its customer to help them in their difficult times.

PNC bank personal loans are quite easy to apply for. Their personal terms are flexible. There are different types of loans offered by PNC bank. Some of them are even available to people with bad credit. You ca borrow up to $100000 from PNC bank personal loans.

Types of PNC Bank Personal Loans

PNC bank offers the following types of personal loans. Each personal loan has its own terms and conditions and requirements.

  • Personal secured loan
  • Personal unsecured loan
  • Personal line of credit

PNC Bank Personal Secured Loan

Personal secured loans require collateral. You can put any asset as collateral it could be jewelry, gold or recent home. Secured loans require a good or semi good credit. As the main focus is usually on the collateral. You can borrow as much as the collateral is worth. The interest rates are low and the payment duration is flexible.

PNC Bank Personal Unsecured Loans

Personal unsecured loans do not require any asset. They just require a good credit. These loans are relatively quicker than secured loans. But you cannot borrow much. The interest rate is high as you don’t give any collateral. The payment duration is within months.

These loans are taken when you need urgent money like hospital bill or for repairing your car etc.

PNC Personal Line Of Credit

Personal line of credit is immediate loans. You don’t require any collateral for personal line of credit as well. You are assigned a fix amount of money per month and when you need it you are provided the money immediately without delay.

The interest rates are low and you have to pay the borrowed amount on the due date of next month. There is a small annual fee as well. With PNC bank you get a monthly limit from $1000 up to %25000.

Personal Line Of Credit Vs Personal Loans

In personal line of credit you borrow money when you need it. You only pay the amount you borrowed not the entire limit. If you don’t use any of the amount assigned to you than you don’t pay anything like annual fee. Personal line of credit is used when you have a shortage of money at the moment like shopping or school fee etc.

In personal loans you borrow a huge amount in one go. You have to pay the entire amount back even if you used just a little with interest. There is no annual fee for this. Personal loans are used when you need huge amount urgently like hospital bill or college fee.

Loan Calculator

If you are deciding to get a personal loans than you can calculate your loan and monthly payments beforehand using PNC bank loan calculator.

Loan calculator:


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