Visa Black Card Reviews & Benefits

Visa black card was launched in the market in 2008. It gives various rewards and luxurious services to their customers. Usually many banks issued their cards to their customers to become more famous and get the importance. The visa black card was launched by the Barclaycard US. It is made up of the stainless steel and has black color.

You will get all the compulsory information about the visa black card such as review, advantages as well as drawbacks below. You can also compare the services and benefits provided by the visa black card with other cards issued by various banks.

Key Features Visa black card

The key features of the visa black card are given as follows:


The users of the visa black card can get the bonus points as a reward. If they purchase the ticket up to $500 using the visa black card, then they will get the 2,500 redeem points. It is equal to the 2% return of the purchase of the tickets. The customers try to get the rewards and earn the redeem points.

Annual fee

The annual fee of the visa black card is about $495. The annual fee for the recognized or authorized user is $195 per year.


Only the 1% of the population of the United States can qualify to get the Visa black card. This is the exclusivity of this product. The customers require the best credit score to get the Visa Black Card. Also the customers must have the clear credit history to qualify.


There are the many benefits offered by visa black card to its customers such as warranty manager service, trip and baggage delay insurance, lost luggage pay off. The customers can use this visa black card in about 350 airports in the 200 countries all over the world.

The review about the Black visa card of the customers all over the world is pretty good. They are happy and well pleased with the visa black card terms. There are also many other benefits that cause the visa black card to become famous in the whole world.

Foreign Transaction fee

If the customers use the visa black card outside the United States then there will be the 3% foreign transaction fee. If the customers transfer the balance within the first 15 months then there will 0% APR. After the time of 15 months, the normal charges will apply for the balance transfer.

24 hours concierge service

There is the 24 hours concierge service available for the customers. It helps them to travel easily, arrange gifts and entertainment planning at any time.

Disadvantages of the Visa Black card:

There is not much disadvantage of the visa black card. The few major disadvantages of the visa black card are that it charges the high annual fee and also it charges the foreign transaction fee from the customers.


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