What is wells fargo bank routing number

With respect to market capitalization, wells Fargo is considered to be the second largest multinational organization which provides financial services as well as international banking. The routing number has always been of very key importance.

This nine digit number of Well Fargo actually helps the customers to manage their financial assets. The most important question which arises among people is how to find the routing number? In today’s world where transactions are not possible without this nine digits routing number, it is mandatory for everybody to know about it. Some people confuse it either as a secret code or PIN number but actually this is not the case.

Routing Number of Wells Fargo

There is a lot of routing transit numbers (RTN’s) because Wells Fargo is quite a large financial company. Different routing numbers have been distinguished based on following points. These routing numbers are different from each other because it actually eases the transaction process. To avoid complexities, this method is being used.

– The routing number depends on the region and area where you are residing. Bank routing number for different regions is different. This is the region where you have opened your account. For example, if someone has opened his account in Texas, the routing number will be 111900659 while another one who opened his account in Alabama will have the routing number 062000080.

– Routing number changes with a change in transaction mode. It is dependent on a wire transfer. It is different for domestic and international transfers. For domestic transfers, it would be like 121000248 while for international transfers, it will have the form as WFBIUS6S.

– For easy pay cards and prepaid cards, the routing number is separate.

– The line of credit is very important to be found. One must know about the line of credit. The complete account number is not supposed to be given for line of credit. Just first three digits of an account are required for the line of credit.

In a particular area, the routing number for different individuals is not different. All the individuals will have the same routing number who has opened the account in the same region.

Find Correct Routing Number

Correct routing number is of key importance because any of the transaction methods asks for it. Whether it is automated clearing house (ACH) or wire transfer, payment is not possible without having a correct routing number. RTN is supposed to be entered everywhere during electronic funds transfer, a deposit of tax payments and bills. Not just for a financial institution, but also to check whether the payment is made to the right people or not, the routing number is required.

Three ways to find the correct routing number have been described below

  • If you are in possession of Wells Fargo Check, see at the left bottom of the check, RTN must be printed there.
  • On the website of the bank in public domain, all the necessary information regarding RTN is always given.
  • Landline number of Wells Fargo can be obtained from its website and it can be called for RTN.


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