TD Bank Routing Number PA, NY, FL, CT, NJ

If you are looking for a TD Bank routing number , you can find out by using following three methods. One can use all the three methods combined to find the routing number of just any of them which seems to be most feasible.

TD Bank

More than 150 years back in the history, TD bank has 26000 employees and it is one of renowned bank in the United States. Among top 10 banks in the United States, TD bank is one of them. Bank is offering a wide range of products and services starting from broad array of retail to commercial banking services and small business products. In more than 1300 convenient locations around the world, TD bank is being operated with 8 million customers.

Routing Number

Routing number was introduced by American bank Association to help customers to keep safe from same number confusion. Every customer is supposed to provide with the routing number while any transaction is being done. Whether it is a wire transaction or automatic clearing house transaction, routing number is of prime importance. The most important problem people face during transaction is about the routing number. It is nine digits lengthy number, so it is bit difficult to memorize. It would be better if people cross check the vital information before providing like this routing number. TD bank customers usually use to ask how they get the routing number.

Find your TB Bank Routing Number

If you are having TD bank account, you must be in possession of check book. Check book has the two numbers printed over it at its bottom. These are account number and routing number. On the far left bottom side of check, it is a routing number while the other one is account number. Difference between routing and account number lies in its identification. To identify the person as a client, it is done by account number while routing number is responsible to locate the regional branch where you had opened your account.

RTN can help you a lot in this regard. On the official website or any other source which can provide you with RTN number, look for it. Sample check is also provided to find out that where the RTN number is located. If the customer has the bank check in hand, it is relevant. It provides details of all the current RTN’s of TD bank which is actually 12. It has been seen that some services are providing more than 12 routing numbers, it would be great if you cross check them for surety. One can use the following way as well to avoid this confusion.

Online customer support option or call can help in a real way. By availing 24/7 call service, you can ask bank representative for routing number. He can either tell you the number or way of finding it. The same representative can actually differentiate between international wire transfer and domestic wire transfer. He can tell you what routing number can be used while doing these 2 wire transfers.

Florida 67014822
Massachusetts/Rhode Island 211370545
New Jersey/Delaware 31201360
New York – Metro NYC or former Commerce customers 26013673
New York – Upstate NY or former Banknorth customers 21302567
North Carolina/South Carolina 53902197
Vermont 11600033
onnecticut 11103093
Maine 211274450
Metro DC/Maryland/Virginia 54001725
Pennsylvania 36001808


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